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Note From the Mayor
Posted on Wednesday May 01, 2019
Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay!
Greetings Residents,
Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay! Last Council meeting we covered several topics as always but the biggest and most near to everyone was about our roads. There were two representatives here from Aliant Energy speaking about fixing our roads. We discussed Aliant fixing the roads that have been ruined in the upgrade of power throughout the town. There were photos summited and one of the reps drove throughout town also taking pictures of the problem areas. There is no date as of right now to when they will start fixing the roads but as soon as we can we certainly will. The south park will get cleaned up from the taking down of the old shelter and grass will be planted as soon as the weather dries up. The pool repairs began on the week of April 15th and as of now are on schedule to have the project finished on time. The City Council hired a new pool manager as well as all the life guards for the summer at the last council meeting. When you are cleaning up your yards for the spring remember there is a key to the burn pile at city hall, also myself and all the city council members have keys for you to use the tree dump after city halls hours. The phone numbers for all people with a key on are our website: Next council meeting is on May 6 at City Hall.
Best Regards,
Vahn Schumacher
City of Wesley
105 2nd Street Wesley, IA 50483  |  Phone: 515-679-4292
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