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Business of the Month-Wesley Public Library
Posted on Saturday June 01, 2019
Library Director: Lany Mitchell

What made you decide to pursue this profession? I’ve always loved the library! When I got my foot in the door, I knew it was what I wanted to do!

How long have you been in this carrier? I started the library as a sub in 1999, just a few hours when they needed me. I was on the library board then, also. Eventually I became the assistant, and 2010, I started as Director. This year will be 20 years that I’ve worked at the library! That’s more than half of my life!

What did you do before this? I worked in the Resource Room at CWL, and was the Principal’s secretary here in Wesley.

What is your favorite thing about working here? The people are great! You really get to form relationships with the people who come to the library. I love to help people, so this job is great for me!

Do you have any ideas on changes in the next 5 years? Libraries are a fluid thing. They’re always changing. You have to, to keep up with technology and what people want at any given time.

Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job? Most people probably wonder what I do all day, and no, I don’t get to read all day. Materials don’t just walk into the library. I shop for everything the library needs, from books and movies to toilet paper. Each new item needs to be cataloged into the system so we can keep track of circulation. There’s also lots of paperwork from the State Library that would surprise people. Everything I do here is overseen by someone else: either the library board, the city, the county, or the state.

Who works at the library and for how long? Lara Kleier started when I became director. She’s taken some time off for her kids’ activities, but always helps when she can. Verna Penning is my go-to substitute. Karen St. John fills in when no one else can, which is helpful. Aly Yokimishyn works Saturday mornings, mainly, or when I need a day off.

What are the biggest issues in a library? I like to think we’re a friendly library. We aren’t your typical “shhhhh!!!” library, and we don’t charge late fees.
The biggest issue we have is unreturned materials. I’ve never once gotten upset if someone brings back a movie they found from a year ago. Doesn’t matter to me. I just check it in and keep going. I never want people to feel ashamed to come in because they lost a book. Most of the time, materials can be replaced pretty inexpensively, and I’ll work with people on that also.

Anything you would like to tell your customers? I’ve been so lucky to have this job. It allows me to have flexibility in my schedule, allows me to be creative and have fun with crafts, and most importantly, the relationships and friendships I’ve built in the last 20 years have been amazing.

2019 GLOW RUN Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019
Registration forms now available at the Library, Wesley Post Office, Iowa State Bank (Wesley Office) and City Hall! Forms must be turned in by June 12th! Make checks payable to Wesley Public Library
Adults: $25 Under 13: $20 3 and under: FREE ($5 Shirt fee if a shirt is wanted) $100/Family(Immediate Household Family Only) T-Shirt Only $15

This year, with the help of the Community Club and MoJo, not only will we have lots of fun music BEFORE the GlowRun, but they’re sticking around for a Street Dance afterwards! Family-friendly, of course, and we’ll be dancing until 11:00 PM.

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