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Business of the Month Wesley Swimming Pool
Posted on Monday July 29, 2019

Taylor Krieps is the manager at the swimming pool this year.  This is her first year as manager, however she has worked as a lifeguard since 2016.  Taylor loves being around kids and considers this the best part of her job.  The most important part of the job is to make sure everyone who comes to the pool is safe.  Taylor is also in charge of making the work schedule, organizing swimming lessons, ordering concession food and supplies, leading the beginning of the season training meeting, and making sure everything is running smoothly at the pool.  She also helps with the t-shirt fundraiser and other special nights such as the Free Swimming weekend and the Back to School Fun Night.  Taylor is always making sure things at the pool are safe, clean, and organized.  Taylor  loves her job at the pool.  She enjoys meeting the kids/families and will often play in the water with the kids when she isn’t up in the chair or in the bathhouse.  She will definitely miss the kids when the season ends.

Missy Krieps has been CPO of the swimming pool since 2010.  The most important part of the job is to make sure the water is balanced and safe to swim in.  Every year Missy is required to go to a class to help keep updated on any changes with the state.  Every 5 years she has to attend a two day training and pass a test to be licensed to be the CPO.  Every swimming pool in Iowa has to have a certified CPO.  Another part of Missy’s job is to make sure the pool is clean.  This involves vacuuming the pool, taking care of the leaves, and making sure the cement is clean.  Missy also makes sure the chemicals and supplies are ordered and makes sure the equipment is running as it should be.  Lance and Bill help with the mechanical things at the pool and Stephanie also helps when needed.

We have a great pool that has been well taken care of over the years.  It was so great to see the community help out with the big repairs this year so the kids and families can enjoy this for years to come. Wesley is a great place!

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