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Note from the Mayor
Posted on Wednesday January 01, 2020
Greetings Residents!
First, I want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. We are going into budget talks at the city right now. You will see there will be 2 council meetings in the month of January. This is just to plan for the larger projects would like to complete during the course of the next year. Last meeting, we had Craig Florea from KCEDC speak about opportunities for new business owners in our communities. They have a revolving loan program for businesses in Kossuth County. If this opportunity interests, you please contact Craig. You see that city has job opportunities right now for full time employment. If you are interested, please stop at city hall and pick up an application. We have had an accident with our pick up and recycling trailer that may cause some delay in emptying the trailer. I would like to welcome the new council members, David Reding and Theresa Grady. Finally, I thank Charles Bills and Kirsty Riggert for all the time and effort they put in during their terms on the council.
Best Regards
Vahn Schumacher
City of Wesley
105 2nd Street Wesley, IA 50483  |  Phone: 515-679-4292
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