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Note from the Mayor
Posted on Saturday February 01, 2020
Greetings Residents!
Hope you had a nice start to your new year. The city recently hired a new maintenance assistant, Colton Florea. Colton has worked for the city in the past, and he reports to City Superintendent Tebben. The city replaced the pickup that was in an accident with a 2019 F-250. The recycle trailer is yet to be replaced however the city will have a place to drop off your recycling in February. Reminder, please move trailers, cars, etc back off the city’s right of way, as the guys will be moving snow off the streets. There will be some great community events at the community center in the month of Feb, it is always nice to see everyone up town, volunteering or enjoying the festivities! I will try and keep you up to date on upcoming projects that the city will be working on in 2020.
Best Regards
Vahn Schumacher
City of Wesley
105 2nd Street Wesley, IA 50483  |  Phone: 515-679-4292
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