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Note from the Mayor
Posted on Wednesday April 01, 2020
Dear Residents,
It is a crazy time in our country! We know that the Covid-19 virus has hit our country hard and Wesley is no exception. Please follow the CDC’s guidelines when it comes to the virus. Like any disaster Wesley will rally and hopefully our little town will resume normal activities as soon as possible. Changes for the City right now is that our office is open, but please make an appointment if you need to come into city hall. The drop box is the best bet for all your bills or other needs. Please feel free to call city hall with any questions. The library is also closed, but our librarian is willing to help you locate online books, please contact the library on the phone or reach out to our head librarian, Lany Mitchell. Our recycle trailer is getting breaks put as of the last week in March. The trailer will be located down at the old school permanently. City Superintendent Tebben will be building a ramp where the trailer is parked so the doors of the trailer will be more easily accessed by all. The City team will continue to work, we will always error on the side of caution when it comes to the virus. The guys will continue with the garbage as usual. We will be getting the parks, pool and shelters ready for the nicer weather. If you have been by the South Park you have noticed that we have been working our camper spots. The spots becoming more inviting to have people camp there. There is now running water, power and sewer access for 5 spots. Anyone interested in renting a spot should contact city hall. Again, please stay safe and hopefully the weather will be turning for the better soon!
Best Regards
Vahn Schumacher

City of Wesley
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