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Note From The Mayor
Posted on Wednesday April 28, 2021

Greetings Residents!

I hope your summer started off well! The last city council meeting dealings involved: finalizing plans for the pool, which is scheduled to open June 1st. The water tower upgrade project that is moving the water pipes and control systems out of City Hall and into a small building below the water tower.  This is a project after the flood of City Hall to ensure that doesn’t happen again.  There will be patches fixed on 4 spots in the roads around town in the coming month to fix spots where the roads were dug up over the winter to fix water main leaks. I want to congratulate our Graduates around town from the different school districts, we are proud of you and wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. Wherever you young adults go in life, I hope you always consider Wesley home! The northside of town will be getting new road signs for the streets and avenues.  Next year the southside will be upgraded.  I also want to encourage you to make your house numbers visible from the road, I know this will help if there is ever an emergency at your residents that the emergency personnel can get to your aid as fast as possible.  Next scheduled meeting is June 14th at the City Hall.  Enjoy the summer and be on the lookout for young ones on the road as they are now out of school.

Best Regards,

Vahn Schumacher 

City of Wesley
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