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Public Notice
Posted on Thursday August 26, 2021


As electors of the City of Wesley, you are hereby notified that a vacancy in the office of Mayor existed on August 17, 2021 due to the resignation of Vahn Schumacher. The Council intends to fill the vacancy by appointment. The appointment shall be for the period until the next regular city election and shall be made within sixty (60) days after the vacancy occurs. The electors of the city have the right to file a petition requiring that the vacancy be filled by a special election. The Council may make the appointment to fill the vacancy after this notice is published or after the vacancy occurs, whichever is later. However, if within fourteen (14) days after publication of this notice or within fourteen (14) days after the appointment is made, whichever is later, there is filed with the city clerk a petition which requests a special election to fill the vacancy, an appointment to fill the vacancy is temporary and the council shall call a special election to fill the vacancy permanently for the remaining balance of the unexpired term. The Council intends to fill the vacancy at the regular scheduled for meeting 6:30 p.m. on Monday, September 13, 2021.

Stephanie Ricke-City Clerk

City of Wesley
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