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Golf Carts-Dogs-Speed Limits
Posted on Monday July 25, 2022
78.02 OPERATION OF GOLF CARTS PERMITTED. Golf carts may be operated upon the streets of the City by persons possessing a valid driver’s license, and at least eighteen years of age, except as prohibited in Section 78.03 of this chapter.
78.03 PROHIBITED STREETS. Golf carts shall not be operated upon any City street which is a primary road extension through the City. However, golf carts may cross such a primary road extension. East Street, also known as County Road R14 is hereby designated as a primary road extension in the City.
78.05 HOURS. Golf carts may be operated on City streets only between sunrise and sunset.
78.06 SPEED. No golf cart shall be operated on any City street at a speed in excess of twenty five (25) miles per hour.

55.06 AT LARGE PROHIBITED. It is unlawful for any owner to allow an animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the City. Animals wearing a shock collar that are with and under the control of their owner are not considered to be at large.
55.15 APPREHENSION AND IMPOUNDMENT FEES. Apprehension fees for pickup of any animal at large shall be charged to the owner as follows: ten dollars ($10.00) for the first, twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for the second and fifty dollars ($50.00) for the third and any additional pickup in any twelve-month period. Impounding costs are ten dollars ($10.00) per day or any part thereof.
55.17 ANIMAL WASTE. It is unlawful for any person owning, controlling or caring for any animal to permit said animal to excrete solid waste material upon any public or private property within the city limits, other than the property of the owner of the animal, unless said solid waste material is immediately thereafter removed from the public or private property and disposed of in a sanitary manner. This section shall not apply to animals properly trained and certified to assist persons with disabilities while such animals are acting in such capacity.
55.18 LEASH REQUIRED. Any person owning a dog shall confine the same from running at large. It is the duty of every person owning a dog to:
1. Confine the dog by good and sufficient means; or
2. Cause the dog to be under the control of a person competent to restrain and control the dog, either by leash, cord, chain, or other similar restraint of sufficient strength, and not more than six feet in length; or
3. Properly restrain in a motor vehicle or keep the dog in a veterinary hospital or registered kennel. A muzzled dog shall not be deemed to have been restrained unless the above conditions are also met.

63.02 STATE CODE SPEED LIMITS. The following speed limits are established in Section 321.285 of the Code of Iowa and any speed in excess thereof is unlawful unless specifically designated otherwise in this chapter as a special speed zone.
1. Business District – 20 miles per hour.
2. Residence or School District – 25 miles per hour.
3. Suburban District – 45 miles per hour.
63.03 PARKS, CEMETERIES, AND PARKING LOTS. A speed in excess of 15 miles per hour in any public park, cemetery, or parking lot, unless specifically designated otherwise in this chapter, is unlawful.
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