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Water System

The City’s water supply is provided by 2 deep wells. There is no treatment. In 2002 the City began a water main improvement project. Approximately 6874 feet of new 6 inch main have been installed. An additional 11 fire hydrants were able to be installed . Cost of this phased was $231,600.

There are approximately 8430 feet in the next two phases. The time frame is unknown, depending upon financing capabilities.

With monthly sampling requirements being met and DNR inspections routinely made, the system is compliant with all DNR regulations.

Water Rates:
1st 1,000 is $13.13
All over 1,000 $3.68/1,000

Sewer System

The City’s sanitary sewer system is a three cell lagoon system. It serves all developed areas in the community. Monthly monitoring during discharge periods (spring & fall) have been compliant with DNR regulations and their routine inspections keep the system in compliance.

Sewer Rates: 
First 1,000 gallons $13.39
All over 1,000 is $2.63 per 1,000 gallons.

Garbage & Recycling

Garbage is collected every Tuesday morning. Each residence is allowed to have 1 bag of garbage per week. Additional tags can be purchased at City Hall for $1.50 per tag. If additional tags are not purchased and more than 1 bag of garbage is collected, there will be additional charges on next month’s City bill at $2.63 per bag collected.

Recycling is available to be picked up every other Tuesday. A full calendar year schedule is available at City Hall.

The City of Wesley will Charge $15.00 on all returned checks.

Other Utility Providers

Alliant Energy

Natural Gas
Mid American Energy

Century Link

Internet Service
Northwest Communications
Century Link
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