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City Council
The regular monthly meeting of the Wesley City Council shall be held on the second Monday of each month at six thirty (6:30) P.M. in the council chambers at city hall. If such day shall fall on a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held on the immediately following Tuesday at the same time, unless a different day or time is determined by the council.

City Council Members

Melissa Johnson, Mayor Pro-tem Elected Term Expires
515-250-2022 1-3-2022 1-2-2026

Dave Neuroth Re-Elected Term Expires 

515-341-2671 1-2-2020 1-2-2024

Theresa Grady Elected Term Expires 
515-341-4062 1-2-2020 1-2-2024

David Reding Elected Term Expires 
1-2-2020 1-2-2024

Izzy Gomez Elected Term Expires
312-513-7757 1-3-2022 1-2-2026

City Appointments For 2022/2023

 Parks/Recreation David Neuroth, Izzy Gomez
 Nuisances Melissa Johnson, Izzy Gomez
 Sidewalks Theresa Grady, David Reading
 Public Works Bill Tebben, Colton Florea
 Financial InstitutionIowa State Bank
 City ClerkStephanie Ricke
 Newspaper Algona Publishing 
 Mayor Pro-Tem Melissa Johnson
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