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Wesley EMS
Wesley First Responders

Eleven volunteer “First Responders” serves the community. They own their own vehicle, but it is only for back-up and cannot transport. They are currently housed in their new building at 107 E Main.
Wesley EMS

Wesley Emergency Medical Services
Wesley EMS is run by a department of 13 members. Members are as listed below with their years of service in parenthesis:
Patti Kiley (25), Eileen Plathe (25), Thomas Loebig (25), Craig Larson (25), Joe Thilges (19), Julie Larson (11), David Reding (8), Mat Kirsch (5), Thomas Cink (4), Taylor Otis (4), Kirsty Riggert, (4), Brady Otis (2), Samantha Kirsch (2), and this year we will be adding a new member Megan Krieps.
Our service began in the fall of 1993 with 11 members taking and EMS course. Then in 1994, we became an entity within the City of Wesley. Wesley EMS has been an all-volunteer non-transport service for 25 years. Since the service has started knowledge in EMS has grown with various changes and demands in health care. Our current service has 7 EMR’s, 4 EMT’s, and 2 drivers.
Wesley EMS is run by all volunteers within the community. Each provider on the service has completed an EMS course and is required to maintain their skills for two years. Within those two years each member of the service has to do between 12 to 24 hours of Continuing Education in order to maintain their EMS license. We have recently completed training with the fire department working on extrication, along with that we do different skills training at our monthly meetings
Wesley EMS has been making some changes within our ambulance equipment. Two years ago we updated our cot to a newer version. We now have what is called a Stryker Cot. This year we made another big update and purchased what is called a Zoll Monitor. This monitor helps us take vitals, check your heart rhythms, has AED functions, and it will give us more information to pass on to our tiered ambulance. Having this monitor will be a huge benefit to us and to our community. We couldn’t have made these purchases without the support of the community at our Fish Fry’s and donations that we have received over the years.
This winter we will be hosting a First Aid – Stop the Bleed Training for the community to participate in. More information will be provided later for you sign up.
Thank you for your continued support throughout the years!!
-Wesley EMS

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