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Celebrating the Future

Celebrating The Future; Looking At The Past

Pictures and descriptions courtesy of Chris Nygaard.

Built in 1891 St. Joseph Catholic School provided education for many years. One thing I do remember is the daily trek over to the public school for lunch and an occasional snowball fight that broke out. I don't think anyone ever got hurt. The bottom picture is my post card that shows the school behind the church. The other is a copy of the school taken from the History of Wesley book.
School From History Book

School Behind Church

Although the school was built in the early 1900's the gymnasium was added in 1938 and the north wing was added in the 1950's. I remember 4th grade in the far north classroom (grades 1-4). The other classroom was grades 5-9.
School 2

Pictures of the Wesley Public School. The top photo is postal dated 1909 and the bottom one is dated 1913


With two digit phone numbers the bean pot certainly predates my 1940 Wesley phone book with four digit direct dial phone numbers. We have several Farmers Co-op Society pieces but this is my favorite.

Bean Pot

Three of four small dishes from St. Joseph Catholic Church. I know the double leaf dish is pre WWI German salesman's sample. The other two are also German made appearing also to be pre WWI. Now it is your turn. There is a newer small dish commissioned more recently.

Catholic Church 3 Plates

So you thought there were only 4 churches, but there were 5 the Doan UMC was located in the southeast corner of section 6 Wesley Township. Originally part of the Wesley Circuit it would later be served by pastors from Titonka. Today all that remains is a maker where the church stood. Thanks to Thomas Koch for sharing this picture.

Church Plate

If you thought that Wesley only had three churches you'd be wrong. Just a home today the Congregational Church was built approximately where the pool is today. The only reminder that it was a church is this corner stone placed in the foundation when it was built.
Congregational Church Stone

The original Evangelical Free Church was built in 1986 and was used until the new church building was built in 1982. Today the church is used for worship by the Wesley Community Church.
Evangelical Free Church Plate

Centennial plate from St. Joseph Catholic Church 1891-1991. What a magnificent structure it still is today.
Centennial plate

This week we start a series about the churches of Wesley. This picture is of the Methodist (UMC) church built in 1884. The congregation began meeting in the early 1870's. The church was remodeled several times the last major remodel being the addition of the choir loft and the sanctuary.
Methodist Church Plate

From 1895-1927 F.M.Butts and John Uhlenhake owned and operated the implement dealership that would latter be owned by John Bauer. John was the grandson of John Uhlenhake and purchased the business in 1946 from R.C Bauer. I think this thermometer is early 1920's.

Milk bottle and butter box from Wesley Creamery

Milk bottle and butter box

As a prelude to celebrating 150 years I'm taking a look at the past. While this week's post is not significant they are among the oldest items we have. These warrants are dated 1873 and from the Wesley township country schools. What amazes me is the calligraphy.


In 1915 Ben's Cash Store moved from the National bank building ( Barry's) to a new building on the north side of the street. Some of us may recognize the building as Kraus's department store, Walker's Grocery, Ma's cafe or Jet's cafe. I believe it was also an appliance store. The rolling pin is dated 1916 and was purchased at sale.
Rolling Pin

Silver spoon issued at incorporation or 25th anniversary. Handle has soldier holding flag with battle streamers, silhouette of Chief Black Hawk, and the bowl is engraved Wesley

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